Blueberry Thrill

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Blueberry Thrill is is our #1 selling flavor. Distinct, one of a kind taste. All of our flavors are true to taste and scent.

A few drops can be added to any food, beverage, humidifier, diffuser, oil, wax, legal herb, water pipe and vapor pens or mods.

A ¼ ounce dropper bottle contains approximately 400 drops of unsweetened, concentrated flavor. It does not contain any nicotine; it is concentrated, unsweetened flavoring only. This product is available in a ¼ oz dropper bottle, 1 oz spray bottle, or 8 oz. bottle.

WARNING: This is not an E-juice product for a vapor cigarette. If you are looking for E-juice, please click here. This is a flavor product and cannot be vaped on its own.

Although Tasty Puff Flavoring cannot be vaped on its own, it can be added to any e-liquid base, to enhance the flavor at about a 10% ratio (6 drops per tank).  It does not vape well by itself and it is too strong to use on its own in this way, but it makes an amazing flavor enhancer for e-cigarettes. Please click here for more details on using Tasty Puff Flavor for DIY E-juice.

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6 reviews for Blueberry Thrill

  1. Brttrx

    I enjoy this the most with my tobacco, and a drop or two in the water of a clean water pipe sets a nice undertone. I used to coat the outside of my cigarettes with this stuff before switching to vapes. The flavor is delicious, and the fragrance made from burning is great too. This is one you’ll return to, and my #1 favorite.

  2. A Barry (verified owner)

    I literally can not smoke a cigarette until I have put a drop of this UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS blueberry flavoring on it. I almost want to warn you not to buy it – once you try it on your tobacco, it’s all you’ll ever want on it.

  3. Stacey Pressley

    Mr. Bitterman came over to hang out and brought the various Tasty Puff drop flavors in his River Rush Cup and let me tell you he was the bomb diggity…. We tried the Blueberry and Watermelon and the party was a hit. Thanks Mr. Bitterman, you are the BEST!!

  4. Tony

    This is my favorite flavor so far. And mixing this with “In your wildest creams” is insane. You wont be disappointed.

  5. adidas4121 (verified owner)

    As expected!

  6. Miranda Koester (verified owner)

    Probably my second favorite so far. Very pleasant blueberry flavor although flavor could be slightly more concentrated

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