How long will it take to get my UPS (paypal) international order?
Shipping internationally will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks (if there are no Customs delays).
Is there a more cost efficient way to order in the UK?
Yes! You can save on shipping cost by ordering here: Rolling Papers Express Online supplier of Tasty Puff E-Juices, for retail sales please visit:
Who pays duties and taxes?
The recipient will always pay duties and taxes when necessary.
Can I use my traditional Tasty Puff in a water pipe?
Heck yeah, you can! Start off with 2-3 drops and increase to your desired strength.
Will Tasty Puff ruin my pipe glass, metal or otherwise?
No, it will not.
What is the caloric content of Tasty Puff?
Say what? Zero.
Is there any THC in the Sweet Leaf flavor?
Absolutely not.
Can I get sick if I drink Tasty Puff?
Tasty Puff is a 100% edible, food grade flavoring. However, because it is concentrated and does not contain sugar, it is not recommended to consume directly onto the tongue. Tasty Puff E-Juice should NEVER be put into your mouth, eyes, ears, or anywhere else besides your vaping device.
Will Tasty Puff flavoring make my tobacco wet?
Nope, it is designed to dry in 3-5 minutes.
If I do not own a credit card how can I purchase your products?
You can download our order Form and mail with money order to: 11700 Cochiti Rd. SE Ste. B Albuquerque, NM 87123 Download Our Order Form

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