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How To Use Tasty Puff Flavoring with traditional tobacco, shisha, and your favorite legal herbs:
Start by adding 1-2 Tasty Puff drops to the tobacco end of your favorite manufactured tobacco product, (DO NOT add Tasty Puff drops to the filter end), loose legal herbs, or pipe tobacco. Tasty Puff is designed to dissipate throughout the product. Allow 1-2 minutes for the flavoring drops to dry. Enjoy! Our sprays can be used within the same guidelines, but work best for flavoring a larger volume of product. Please note that because of the very small amount of oil in our flavoring, some discoloration may occur.
How to use Tasty Puff E-juice in a vapor cigarette:
Unscrew the vapor cigarette tip and fill with Tasty Puff E-juice up all the way up to the recommended fill line, and let the juice soak for 2 minutes. Be careful not to pour directly into the small center tube. Make sure your vapor cigarette is fully charged, and click the button the amount of times that is instructed on the packaging that you bought it in. Hold down the button to puff! When the light flashes continuously, you will need to recharge your battery. to recharge the battery, unscrew the battery from the tank/atomizer and screw onto the battery charger. Plug the charger into a USB port, or outlet your device is designed for. Once the battery is well connected, the charger will turn red. When the battery is fully charged the light will turn green.
How to use Tasty Puff Flavoring to enhance an e-juice in a vapor cigarette:
You can use traditional Tasty Puff flavoring drops to enhance a flavored e-juice, or to create your own e-juice flavors with a flavorless e-juice base. Start by filling your vaping device with a full tank of e-juice. You can then add any Tasty Puff flavor into the tank in very small increments. We recommend up to 6 drops for the common 1.6 ml tank, so you can increase the amount of drops for a larger tank, as long as you keep the Tasty Puff flavoring to a 10% ratio.
How to clean a rebuildable clearomizer:
The recommended steps for cleaning a rebuildable tank are to soak them in a little everclear or vodka for 30 minutes. Swish and roll the wicks around a bit to ensure they are getting cleaned properly. Pour out the alcohol and place the pieces on a paper towel and let dry overnight.

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