Vapor Cigarette 650 Deluxe

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Our C4+ Vapor Cigarette Deluxe is powered by a rechargeable 650 battery. It comes with a rebuildable, refillable, 1.6ml tank, that can be filled with your favorite e-juice! This clearomizer can be taken apart for cleaning. This cigarette comes in assorted colors, and includes a USB charger.

The recommended steps for cleaning a rebuildable tank are to soak the pieces in a little everclear or vodka  for  30 minutes. Swish and roll the wicks around a bit to ensure they are getting cleaned properly.  Pour out the alcohol and place the pieces on a paper towel and let dry overnight.

1 review for Vapor Cigarette 650 Deluxe

  1. krismorris1611

    Tasty Puff sent me a pink vapor cig. Free for mother’s day!! So adorable and works great! I love it, thanks tasty puff

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