This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rasta Rootbeer E-juice

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This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tasty Puff E-juice is available in a 12 ml, 30 ml bottle, and 8 oz bottle. This liquid is intended for any vapor ready device with a refillable tank. Made with pharmaceutical grade nicotine extracted from quality tobacco leaf in 0, 10, or 21 mg.

All of our flavors are true to taste and scent. Rasta Rootbeer is  soda fountain classic, creamy and sweet with a hint of sarsaparilla.


Traditional Tasty Puff Flavor Drops can be added to a full tank of e-juice to enhance the flavor at about a 10% ratio (6 drops per full tank of e-juice). For more information click HERE.

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12ml Bottle, 30ml Bottle, 8oz Bottle


0mg (Nicotine free), 10mg Nicotine, 21mg Nicotine

6 reviews for Rasta Rootbeer E-juice

  1. Ray Fryoux (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the best rootbeer ejuice that I have ever had. I have spent far more money on other brands that can’t even touch this one. It tastes just like a high quality draft root beer and especially like the old school root beer hard candy that’s shaped like the little barrel. You can’t go wrong with this one!

  2. bob

    Best root beer I have tasted so far, so good that I will stop looking because I have found the best.

  3. chris

    Not my favorite tasty puff flavor…initially the root beer taste is strong but I find it wears off quick. Im not sure of the VG/PG percentage but I feel it is too much of a dry throat hit, in comparison the strawberry flavor is really smooth.

  4. E

    The flavor seems to depend on the tank or carto you use. With a single coil carto on a 3.3v battery, the flavor is a bit “chemical”. On the same battery with a dual coil carto, the flavor evens out and is much more pleasant. The throat hit is good and and if your tank removes a bit of flavor, you’ll probably like this one. I did not like it when I used it on the SC tank, but I like it much more now I discovered the DC tank mellows it some.

    • info@tastypuff.com

      Thank you for the information, this is very helpful to us 🙂

  5. mike

    Its funny how cheaper juices are sometimes the better choice. Just like the other comments this juice is spot on. I bought this exact juice a while ago from a gas station. Loved it so much went back to get more and they had stopped selling it. I tried for so long purchasing other brands only to be let down. Guess im going straight to the distrbutor. Thanks Tasty Puff

    • info@tastypuff.com

      Thank you Mike! It makes us so happy that you enjoy our products 🙂

  6. Patricia (verified owner)

    I love Rasta Rootbeer! Can’t do without it. Others brands just don’t have the same rootbeer bite. So glad I can purchase it on the internet as it is not available in any local stores.

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